Cycling and Mountain Biking

Information on popular places for cycling and biking in China...

Cycling is popular in China, with cycling clubs around the country, and it is a very good way to explore the countryside. Competitive road cycling is becoming popular and there are regular races held around the country for riders of all levels. The Chinese Cycling Association (in Chinese) is the sport's governing body and they organise races and training in all cycling disciplines: road cycling, mountain biking and BMX.

The Beijing Peleton is a cycling club which is open to local and foreign cyclists, offering cycling for all levels.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular in China, especially among young people, and regular competitions are held around the country.

Beijing can be explored on the numerous single-track lanes on the outskirts of the city, which are very popular with local cyclists.

The Yangshuo region, easily reached from Guilin in southern China, is an area of stunning limestone peaks and rice paddies which has numerous mountain biking trails.

Another popular area is Yunnan in the southwest of the country; the region offers a mixture of forests and trails for experienced riders and paved roads for easy rides. There are also plenty of snow-covered peaks in the region offering tough climbs.