Leaving China with a Pet

Information about the restrictions and requirements when leaving China with an animal…

The rules regarding taking a pet animal out of China will depend on the destination country; vaccination and quarantine regulations are highly variable. The animal must meet Chinese exit requirements as well as entry conditions for the destination country.

The exact conditions that a pet must meet prior to being exported may vary slightly depending on location; the requirements for pets in Beijing are outlined below:

  1. The animal must have be vaccinated against rabies and have an official Chinese immunity certificate stating that it was vaccinated between 30 days and 12 months prior to travelling. The vaccination must take place at an official animal vaccination hospital. Any vaccination required by the destination country should also take place in this time period.
  2. Upon obtaining a vaccination certificate the animal should undergo a health examination. This should occur within seven days of the planned departure from the country at a designated government quarantine bureau animal hospital. The animal will undergo a general health check including a blood test. Upon passing the examination the animal is issued a Health Certificate. This is needed to get the official “Animal Health Certificate for Exit” (Exit Permit) from an Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. A fee is charged for all tests carried out. A valid vaccination certificate and pet passport will be needed for the health check. Some animal hospitals may require the animal to be micro chipped, though this is not currently a legal requirement. Once issued a health certificate is valid for seven days; the examination will need to be redone if it an exit permit is not applied for in this time.
  3. An exit permit usually takes two business days to come through once it has been applied for. There is a fee for exit certificates. They are valid for 14 days; the animal should leave the country in this period.

Different countries have different requirements for bringing pets across their borders, so the regulations for the destination should be checked. Most require comprehensive vaccinations and a period of quarantine.

An Embassy, Consulate or a national quarantine service in the destination country should be contacted to find out details of the entry requirements.

The following is a list of official links to different countries' policies:

When transporting a pet by air some airlines insist that a professional pet exporter is used to arrange flights to ensure that everything is completed on time prior to departure. It should be noted that sudden disease outbreaks can affect pet transportation.

The International Air Transport Association provides guidelines on how to transport an animal by air. To travel by air the container must allow the animal to stand and turn normally, as well as sit and lie in a natural position. Different airlines have different regulations so the rules for a chosen carrier should be checked when planning the journey.