Pets and Animals in China

Bringing your dog or cat with you? Find out about pet owners' responsibilities in China…

There is a long history of working animals being kept in the home in China. Traditionally, dogs were kept to guard the home and cats to eliminate mice and pests. Although not commonplace in Chinese towns and cities, there is a growing trend for animals to be kept as pets in the home, and even as status symbols.

Buying and Selling Pets

China prohibits the selling of endangered wildlife species such as pandas and snub-nosed monkeys. There are no special restrictions in buying or selling a pet, but according to commodity law, pet dealers may be sued if the animal is found to be unhealthy after purchase and the seller refuses to replace it or refund the purchase price.

  • To report the selling of endangered species: Tel: 110

Pet Threats and Animal Risks

In spite of the rapid improvement in recent years, rabies is still an underlying danger for pets in China. Dog and cat owners need to make sure that their pet receives vaccinations against rabies and other pet diseases.

Identification Requirements

No registration is required for animals other than dogs. Dogs should be registered with the local police within one month of arriving in China.