Registering a Birth in China

Information on how to get a birth certificate, register the birth of a new baby and how to register with the Public Security Bureau...

A Birth Certificate is issued by the doctor in charge at the hospital where the child was born. It is important to ensure that the child’s name is listed in the language of the parent’s nationality as well as Chinese. This will assist the process of applying for a passport. The following documents are required when applying for a Birth Certificate:

  • Passport
  • Identity cards of both parents
  • Documents issued after the child’s birth
  • The child’s name
  • The Family Book (Hu Kou Bu)
  • Address (in Chinese characters)

A child born in China to two foreigners is not eligible for Chinese nationality. Within a month of the birth the child must be registered with the local Public Security Bureau; this is a requirement for all births. A baby born to foreign national parents may not leave the country until they have a visa or permit. These can be applied for at the Entry-Exit Division of a local Public Security Bureau. New parents should contact their embassy to arrange a passport for their child.

If a baby is born to one foreign national and one Chinese national, the baby automatically has Chinese citizenship. However, it should be noted that Chinese nationality law does not recognise dual nationality. If one of a baby's nationalities is Chinese, the Chinese authorities do not recognise the other nationality to which the new child is entitled. A child will be considered Chinese until the citizenship is formally renounced. Unless one nationality is chosen for the child, it is very difficult to obtain a visa or permit from the Public Security Bureau and the child is not allowed to leave the country. Citizenship can be renounced at a local Public Security Bureau.

Foreigners who have a child in China can get detailed advice on registering the birth and nationality from their home country's embassy.

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