Post Codes and the Postal System in China

Information on finding a Chinese postal/Zip code and how to write addresses in China...

Chinese postcodes are made up of six numbers as follows:

  • The first two numbers indicate the province, municipality or autonomous region
  • The third number is the postal zone
  • The fourth number represents the prefecture or city
  • The last two numbers indicate the delivery post office

The system covers the whole country, but both Macau and Hong Kong have their own postal systems and their Chinese postcodes are not normally used.


When writing an address in China, begin with the postcode and end with the name of the intended recipient. The most common language used for addresses is simplified Chinese characters.

An address should be laid out as follows:

  • Country and postcode
    Province, municipality, town, street/road, building name, floor/level, house or flat number

There is no standard format for laying out the address on an envelope; it is usually written as one long sentence with breaks where the size of the envelope demands them.

Note: It is very important to include a correct postcode.