Furniture, Hardware and Office Supplies in China

Find out about the chain stores in China that supply the basic furniture, home furnishings, groceries, white goods, electrical appliances and DIY for your home...

Below is a guide to where to shop in China for food and many everyday essentials. Most towns and cities have speciality markets where there are a lot of different vendors selling similar products; shoe markets, food markets and electronics markets are common.

Bargaining is the norm in markets and small shops; people should aim to pay two-thirds of the given price for a product. Better prices are usually given to people who make an effort to speak the language. Bargaining is not done in supermarkets or department stores.

Shop opening hours are not regulated in China and many stores are open on public holidays. Some local grocery and convenience stores are open 24 hours.


Most cities and many towns have a choice of major hypermarkets selling most items needed for everyday life: groceries, furniture, clothes, gardening equipment and toys.

  • Carrefour operates a large chain of hypermarkets throughout China. It sells food, cosmetics, clothes, home and garden products, appliances, books and sports equipment. Its website has a store locator to allow people to find their local hypermarket. It also offers online shopping and many of the stores have speciality retailers on one floor
  • China Resources Vanguard: Large supermarket with numerous stores in Hong Kong and other Chinese provinces. This chain has joined forces with British supermarket chain, Tesco
  • Auchan is another major chain of hypermarkets. It stocks a lot of imported foods and has an extensive choice of wines. As well as groceries it stocks home wares, appliances, car accessories, sports equipment, stationary and baby products
  • Walmart operates a range of large supermarkets and local stores throughout China. It caters mostly for local shoppers and offers fewer imported foods and products. It also has an extensive range of own brand products
  • Lotus (in Chinese) is a chain of supermarkets around China. It stocks clothing, household goods and cosmetics as well as groceries
  • E-mart (in Chinese) is a chain of hypermarkets. The company is South Korean and the stores stock a number of Korean products
  • Citysuper: High-end supermarket and retail chain based in Hong Kong and Shanghai
  • AEON / JUSCO Aeon Japanese-owned hypermarket chain which has 13 outlets in Guangdong.
  • Lotte Mart: There are over 80 branches of this east Asian┬áhypermarket. As well as groceries it stocks clothing, toys, electronics, and other goods

Department Stores

  • Isetan is a Japanese company which operates four high-end department stores in China in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu and Shenyang. It stocks clothing, cosmetics, groceries and products for the home. The stores have restaurants, cafes, hair salons and baby rest areas
  • Maoye is a chain of 39 department stores in 18 Chinese cities. It stocks a number of international and Chinese brands
  • New World Department Stores is a chain of department stores in China
  • Parkson is a major chain of department stores in China
  • Grand Ocean Department Store is a Taiwan-invested chain with 17 stores throughout China
  • Jiuguang Department Store is a department store with branches in Shanghai, Suzhou and┬áDalian..

Furniture and Appliance Stores

  • IKEA has two stores in Shanghai as well as a further nine around the country with a selction of furnishings and accessories for all areas of the home
  • Suning Appliance Company is one of the largest electrical appliance retailers in China. As well as selling appliances the company offers installation and repair services
  • Metro City in Shanghai is a huge building selling electronics with everything from computers and software to telephones and MP3 players

DIY and Hardware Stores

DIY is not very popular in China despite many people moving into empty houses or apartments; the general preference is to employ someone to carry out any repair or installation work rather than doing the work personally.

  • B&Q (in Chinese) stocks tools and everything needed to do-up a house or garden. Most of the stores are very large and have an extensive choice of products
  • Leroy Merlin is a large chain of DIY and hardware stores in China, which stocks gardening equipment, tools and everything for the home

Office Supplies and Stationery

  • Matsu sells high end office furniture with show rooms in cities around China. They stock products from its own brand range as well as lines from other brands