English-language Media in China

Information about the local and international English-language print and broadcast media that is available in China...

There are many options for those seeking English-speaking radio and television channels, as well as print publications, when living in China.


BBC World Service can be received on digital FM 90.2 and Satellite Hot Bird 2-13º East.

  • For more information on receiving BBC World Service via satellite: Click here

The main BBC stations and other English-language radio can also be received via many satellite TV installations or over the Internet. Previously broadcast programmes can often be listened to again or downloaded.

Voice of America is also available on shortwave, with NewsNow.

English-language radio

  • CRI (China Radio International): broadcasting on 846 AM. For national and world news, current affairs, commentaries on politics and music programmes. Offers special programmes during major Chinese holidays

Radio on the Internet: English-language stations online

Many radio stations stream their broadcasts on the Internet. Typically you will need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, both of which can be downloaded.


Television in China is owned and operated by China Central Television/Chinese Central Television (CCTV) and is under the control of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television. It broadcasts 22 terrestrial channels dedicated to news, entertainment, music and more. Most channels are Mandarin-only. There are over 3,000 local and specialised channels available in China.

The Television transmission standard in China is PAL D. Only compatible televisions and accessories will work. Newer systems are multi-standard but check the user’s manual. Many channels are in HD, and a test-run 3D channel is available. China is moving to a digital standard and hopes to be completely digital by 2015.


Cable television is commonly used in Chinese cities, this includes the terrestrial CCTV channels and other local/provincial channels. Other packages/channels can also be received; OCN is one of the biggest providers and has a selection of international channels, including movies, news and sports (website in Mandarin).

  • CCTV News: 24hr English-language news channel run by China Central Television (state owned and controlled). Live news is broadcast on the hour. Other programmes focus on business, sports, culture and travel
  • CCTV-9 Documentary: Factual programming in English or Mandarin (with English subtitles)

DVD Region Codes

Chinese DVDs are region locked (3 or 6), so DVDs bought in China can only be used with Region 3 or Region 6 DVD players. English movies are readily available in bookstores and movie stores, and there is usually a wide selection. Movies often have Mandarin subtitles and/or dubbing but the original English is always included.

Print Publications

Daily international newspapers and a wide range of magazines are available from many newsstands and newsagents throughout the country. English newspapers are available on the day of publication.

Most major publications are available online as well as in print. For a more portable digital version, apps like the Mail Plus App from the UK's Daily Mail Group allow the latest news to be read on a phone or tablet, often for a much less than the cost of a subscription.

Online Media in English in China

  • China Daily: National English-language state-controlled daily paper. As a newspaper group it also runs:
    • China Business Weekly: Updated every Monday, 12 pages in broad-sheet style with in-depth articles on the Chinese economy
    • 21st Century Weekly: Targeting English-speaking readers, this weekly publication covers topics such as business, science and technology, as well as cultural and social affairs
  • Global Times: State-run daily newspaper focusing on domestic affairs

International online news

International News Links

Angloinfo delivers an extensive English-language news service, drawn from sources around the world.

Many international newspapers are also online:






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