Opening a Bank Account in China

Understand what is required to open a bank account in China...

Opening a basic current (renminbi) account with a Chinese bank is a relatively straightforward procedure. All that is usually required is some identification, such as a passport or residence permit, and some money to deposit. Current accounts at Chinese banks do not usually require a high minimum deposit, but policies vary from bank to bank. An application form must be filled out, and then a cash card or debit card is issued for collection or delivery. There is usually a small fee.

Depending on location, some banks may not have English-speaking staff, in which case being accompanied by a Chinese speaker will help.

To open a foreign currency account, proof of residency is generally required (rather than just proof of identity), as is a larger minimum deposit.

Setting up an account before arrival in China is most easily done through one of the international banks, which offer most of the same facilities as Chinese banks.