Pets in Shanghai

Find out about the responsibilities of being a pet owner in Shanghai...

Cats and dogs are the only animals permitted to be imported as pets and only one animal may be imported per visa holder. On arrival in Shanghai pets should be taken to the Customs & Immigration Plant and Quarantine office at the airport.

Imported pets must be quarantined and have appropriate health records and vaccination certificates.


All dogs must be registered at the local police station and a licence must be purchased. This licence must be renewed annually. A licence is not required to keep a cat.


Most apartment complexes allow pets, but policies may vary from one complex to another.

Pets are prohibited on the Maglev train and most other trains in Shanghai. Trains in other parts of China may allow pets with quarantine and disinfection certificates to travel in a cage in the freight compartment.

It is illegal to keep first and second-class protected animals in China, which include pythons and lizards. Urban residents are also prohibited from keeping chickens, ducks, edible pigeons, geese, rabbits, goats, pigs and other poultry and livestock. Carrier pigeons are allowed as long as they do not disrupt their surrounding environment.

Purchase and Adoption

The purchase of pets from local markets is discouraged due to unsanitary breeding conditions, which often lead to sickness and even death.

There are no government initiatives for the care of stray animals in Shanghai. Some private animal shelters and organisations exist, however, which often offer animals for adoption:

  • Second Chance Animal Aid (SCAA)
  • Shanghai Small Animal Protection Association (SSAPA)
    At: Grand Garden (Da Guan Yuan) near the Pudong Airport and Yuandong Avenue Line 2 Subway Station

Pet Health Care

Veterinary services are available at clinics such as:

  • Shanghai Small Animal Veterinary Association (SHSAVA)
    At: c/o Peng Feng Pet Clinic, No. 148 Lianhua South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 201100
    Tel: 021 5481 3544
  • PAW Puxi (Changning)
    At: No. 15, 722 Xin Hua Lu (near Kaixuan lu)
    Tel: 021 5254 0611 / After hours emergency: 138 1668 5486
  • PAW Pudong (Jin Qiao)
    At: Lane 1755, No.1-11 Donglu lu (near Jin Gao lu)
    Tel: 021 5043 5620

A variety of high-quality kennels and in-house pet care services are also available.

Lost Pets

The police should be contacted immediately if a pet goes missing to ensure that the animal is not euthanised, which can occur within 48 hours after police have picked up the animal.

  • For a comprehensive guide to recovering a lost pet from Second Chance Animal Aid (SCCA): Click here

Further Information

  • For Shanghai Daily‚Äôs guide to pet ownership in Shanghai: Click here