Children With Special Needs

Understand what kind of assistance is available for children with special needs in the Chinese school system...

Understand what assistance is available for children with special needs in specialist schools in China, as well as in the mainstream public and private school systems...

Children with special needs, for example gifted children or slow learners, are recognised in China. Gifted children may skip grades, while slower learners are encouraged to complete education and reach the minimum standards. There are schools and vocational training centres for children with special needs, while children with disabilities are able to attend mainstream schools.

There are international special needs schools and resources for parents of children with special learning needs:

Home Schooling

Home schooling is legal in China and there are support groups for those who wish to home school. Home schooling is generally supported by education experts but the creation of national standards has been called for. English literature is limited in China and parents often bring learning materials from their home countries or order them online.