Teenagers and Driving

Information on the regulations affecting teenagers behind the wheel in China...

The minimum driving age in China is 18 years. To get a driving licence in China it is necessary to:

  1. Take the theory test, which involves answering 100 questions from a bank of 1,500 questions and obtaining at least a 90 percent pass mark.
  2. Take the practical examination (a driving test) after completing a minimum of 35 hours of practical lessons. Drivers must wait at least 30 days after passing the theory test before they take the practical driving test.
  3. Undergo a driver medical examination or health check at an approved medical centre.

Driving lessons

Driving lessons can be arranged through private driving schools, of which there are many in all Chinese towns and cities. Regional driving test centres normally deal with tests and the issuing of driving licences. Tests can be taken in English but it is necessary to speak Chinese or be accompanied by someone who speaks Chinese when completing the administrative requirements at the driving test centres.

There is a fee of about CNY290 for the driving licence. Only one category of driving licence can be applied for at any one time.

To find out more about getting a driving licence in China, it is recommended to visit a local driver training school. Many driving schools are operated by the regional Traffic Patrol Division, who can be contacted for a list of driving schools.


It is compulsory to have at least third party car insurance in China. It is the vehicle which is insured, rather than the person. A car insurance policy looks like a credit card and should be kept with the driver at all times.

  • For a link to the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China which is responsible for passing traffic laws: Click here (in Chinese)