English-language Cinema in Shanghai

Information on where and how to find listings of what's on at the cinema, with links to online ticket sales and cinemas in Shanghai...

There are many cinemas which screen English-language films in Shanghai, but as only about 30 films are allowed to be imported every year, choice is limited. Most films in English are big summer blockbusters and popular Hollywood films. Many are screened in 3D or IMAX.

China does not have a rating system for films; however, films deemed 'inharmonious' by the government and those with excessive sexual content, violence or inappropriate language, are either censored or not shown. The IMDb provides ratings for films.

Foreign films are shown in the original language with Mandarin subtitles, except for children's films, of which dubbed versions are also produced. Chinese films are released with English subtitles. Cinema listings show in what language the film is being screened.

Large cinemas have multiple showings everyday with various language options; they also employ English-speaking staff.

Cinemas are clean, comfortable and modern, with air-conditioning and stadium seating. Many have the latest picture and sound technology.

Cinema Tickets

247 cinema is an English-language cinema ticket bookings service. Online reservation is also available on the websites below, but in Chinese only.

Tickets can be purchased from the box office a few hours before a film starts. Seating is assigned when a ticket is bought. Prices vary according to the day, time, and the type of film being shown. A deposit is required for renting 3D glasses. Tuesdays are often half-price, and early-morning screenings are also at a reduced price.

Cinemas in Shanghai

The following cinemas have screenings of English-language films:

  • Broadband International Cineplex
    : 6/F Shanghai Times Square, 99 Huaihai Rd.
    Tel: 021 6391 0363
  • Cathay Theatre (website in Chinese)
    At: 870 Huaihai Middle Rd
    Tel: 021 5404 0415
  • Cloud Nine Shopping Mall Cinema
    : 9/F 1018 Changning Rd
    Tel: 021 5237 8276
  • Grand Cinema (website in Chinese)
    At: 216 Nanjing West Rd
    Tel: 021 6327 4260
  • Hongqiao Century Cinema City
    : 5/F Hongqiao Parksons, 100 Zunyi Rd
    Tel: 021 6237 2387
  • Metropol Cinema (website in Chinese)
    At: 8/F 500 Xizang Middle Rd
    Tel: 021 6361 6078
  • Peace Cinema (website in Chinese)
    : 290 Xizang Middle Rd
    Tel: 021 6391 2898
  • Shanghai Film Art Center (website in Chinese)
    At: 160 Xinhua Rd
    Tel: 021 6280 4088
  • UME International Cineplex (website in Chinese)
    At: 5/F, 123 Xingye Rd
    Tel: 021 6373 3333
  • Wanda International Cinema (website in Chinese)
    At: 58 Guobin Lu, near Zhonghuan Rd
    Tel: 021 5566 0926

Film Festivals

The Shanghai International Film Festival, which takes place in summer, has screenings of local and international films, as well as a competition called the Golden Goblet awards.