English-language Media in Shanghai

A world of information - in English. The English-language print and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in Shanghai...

Shanghai’s expat community is served by a wide variety of weekly and monthly publications, as well as dedicated English-language television and radio stations. Expat publications can be found in restaurants, bookstores and tourist areas/attractions. Imported English-language newspapers and magazines are available in international supermarkets and hotels.



  • TimeOut Shanghai: Weekly magazine with restaurant reviews, Shanghai nightlife and activities and local listings
  • City Weekend: Bi-weekly lifestyle and entertainment magazine
  • that’s Shanghai: Monthly lifestyle magazine with features, culture, reviews and listings
  • Shanghai Business Review Monthly: Magazine focused on business and the market in Shanghai and China
  • Vantage Shanghai: Published every two months, focusing on high-end lifestyle culture
  • Shanghai Family: Monthly magazine focused on expat families and life. Provides information on education, activities, health and entertainment in Shanghai