Tourist Attractions and Things to do in Shanghai

Information on the main tourist attractions, places of interest and sights to see in and around Shanghai...

As one of China’s largest and most westernised cities, Shanghai has many tourist sites and venues. Meet in Shanghai is the official Shanghai government tourism website and provides information on transport, events, food, nightlife and accommodation. China’s National Tourist Office provides tips for travelling in China as well as providing information on tourism and accommodation in Shanghai, Beijing and other major cities.

Shanghai’s public transport system makes touring the city easy as most major attractions lie along Line 2 of the Shanghai Metro. Bus tours and river cruises along the Bund are also available.

The following is a list of popular tourist attractions in Shanghai:

The Bund: Lined with historical buildings from the European occupation, the Bund is Shanghai’s most famous landmark. Many of the western-style buildings have been renovated and modernised and feature up-market restaurants and bars. Walking tours are available to discover the riverside promenade or the architecture in the area.

Huangpu River: The Huangpu River divides downtown Shanghai into two parts, Puxi and Pudong. From the river, visitors can discover panoramic views of the Bund and the riverfront activity. There are a number of private companies which offer cruises along the river, during the day and at night-time. These vary in length and offer on-board food and beverage services. Many cruise boats depart from the south of the Bund, near East Jinling Road or from the Pearl Dock.

Jade Buddha Temple: Situated in Jingan, this is one of Shanghai's few Buddhist Temples and is its most impressive. Built in Song Dynasty style between 1911 and 1918, the temple features a 1.90m jade Buddha and a statue of the laughing Buddha in the Hall of Heavenly Kings.

Jingan Temple: Also known as the Temple of Tranquillity, this Buddhist temple was built in the third century during the Three Kingdoms Period. It has been undergoing restoration since 1999. It is situated at 1686 Nanjing West Road.

Jin Mao Tower: For over ten years, the 421m tall tower on Century Avenue was Shanghai's tallest skyscraper until the construction of the World Financial Centre in 2008 and its design is inspired by the traditional Chinese pagoda. The observation deck is situated on the 88th floor, offering panoramic views of the city.

Shanghai World Financial Centre: At 492m, this is Shanghai's tallest building and is the landmark skyscraper in Shanghai. Situated opposite the Jin Mao Tower, it features shopping malls, offices, hotels, conference rooms and observation decks. The Shanghai Tower, currently under construction next to the World Financial Centre is set to be the tallest building in Shanghai on completion, which is estimated to be in 2014.

Nanjing Pedestrian Road: Located in Puxi Huangpu District near the Bund, this famous road features hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and over 600 shops, some of which have more than 100 years of history. The road stretches from the Bund towards Hongqiao, with the famous People's Square in the middle.

Yuyuan Garden: Built during the Ming dynasty, this Chinese garden in Huangpu has undergone a number of renovations but still retains its traditional air. The garden is surrounded by markets, temples, historical streets and commercial buildings. The garden is best visited in the morning before it gets too busy. Next to the garden is a bazaar, and near the entrance to the garden is the Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse, one of the most famous teahouses in China.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium: The Aquarium features the longest underwater tunnel in the world, and is home to fish and animals from the Yangzi River in China, the Amazon River, and rivers in Australia and Antarctica. Situated at 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower: This 468m TV tower is located near the Huangpu River, opposite the Bund. It features an observation deck and historical museum as well as restaurants, small hotels, and a shopping area. At 2 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong.

Fengjing Anicent Town: Approximately 57 Km southwest of Shanghai is the ancient water town of Fengjing, which is over 1,500 years old. It features historical houses of Ming and Qing style surrounded by rivers, many bridges, temples and small lanes.