Hiking and Walking

Information on the opportunities for hiking and walking in China's mountains and countryside...

China is an enormous country, which offers numerous walking and hiking opportunities. Hiking and backpacking are becoming increasingly popular and there are hiking clubs in towns and cities around the country.

Guizhou in the southwest of the country is gaining a reputation as a walker's paradise. It is an area of forests, waterfalls and hills and is teeming with wildlife, including monkeys and leopards.

The Min Mountains in Central China are known for being home to giant pandas and offer a wealth of hiking trails which are often quiet.

Huangshan, or Yellow Mountain, in Anhui Province is a very popular summit to walk to.

Popular hiking trails in the country include:

  • The Great Wall: A popular walk is a three-day hike along a 500 year old section of wall in Shanxi
    Province between Juchangbao and a tower 31 miles to the west
  • Hiking to view Mount Everest: A two-week trek through forests, remote villages and over high
  • Mount Tai in Shandong Province: A sacred Taoist pilgrimage site which is reached via a 16 Km
    round trip. The route passes many temples and includes a 6,660 step staircase
  • Mount Gongga in western China: A 12-day circular trek which is unmarked so a guide is necessary.
    The route involves high passes, forests and remote Buddhist monasteries
  • Mount Khawakarpo in Yunnan Province: An alpine region whose surrounding forest is home to
    red pandas and Asiatic black bears
  • The three gorges of the Yangtze River: Qutang, Wu and Xiling offer spectacular hiking through
    beautiful scenery

Beijing Hikers organise walks in the Beijing area.