Outdoor Activities in Shanghai

Find inspiration on how to spend your leisure time in Shanghai, with information on walking and hiking, golf and kids' activities...

Hiking and Walking

Although Shanghai is a modern urban metropolis, there are many parks and green areas in the city itself.

The Wusonkou Paotaiwan Wetland Park is a short ride from Shui Chan Lu metro station, and visitors can walk along the banks of the Huangpu River. There is a small entry fee and the park is open daily from 09:00-18:00.

The Gongqing Forest Park is a huge park with wide open spaces, green trees and lakes. Visitors can cycle or walk through the park, or for an extra fee can participate in a number of other activities including barbecuing, shooting, go-karting and more. Overnight accommodation is available.

  • At: 2000 Jungong Road, near Yinhang Road

The Gucun Forest Park has forests, cycling, barbecuing and other family activities.

  • At: 1 Huandao Road, near Zhenhutai Road

Shanghai Outing Club is a not-for-profit group for hiking enthusiasts that organises day or weekend hiking trips.

Outdoor Activities Near Shanghai

There are a multitude of options for adventurous hikers near to the city. From Shanghai it is possible to travel to scenic towns such as Suzhou, Hangzhou or Longmen, or to one of the surrounding mountains such as Dongbai or Taizi.

Hangzhou (approximately 170 Km from Shanghai) is a very popular tourist destination with beautiful landscapes and many green areas for nature lovers. The area is renowned for West Lake, where there are many pleasure boats from which to enjoy the surroundings. The hills to the south of West Lake are particularly popular with hikers and cyclists.

There are bikes to rent from many youth hostels, or visitors can use the public bike scheme. To use the bikes a passport is required in order to obtain a swipe card. With this card, bikes can be rented from the many kiosks situated around the city.

  • For further information about Hangzhou: Click here

Suzhou (approximately 85 Km from Shanghai) is also a popular destination for nature lovers. There are many gardens to walk through including the Garden of Harmony, the Couple's Garden and the Garden of the Master of the Nets; probably the most famous garden in the town.

  • For further information about Suzhou: Click here


Most golf clubs in Shanghai are for members only, but Happy Golf can help expats book tee-times without having to become a member. They also organise social events and tours. For further information see the Golf in Shanghai website.

Kids' Activities

A variety of sporting activities are available for children aged 6-12. However, seasons last only about 8 weeks and can cost more per session than overseas. Sibling discounts are common and may help lower the cost.

The Shanghai Community Center offers many courses for children and youths, including Kung Fu and fencing.