Sailing in Shanghai

Information about sailing in Shanghai with details about who to contact...

Sailing is a fast-developing sport and leisure activity in China. In 2006 there were very few yachts in the country; by 2011 there were over 1,000 and this number continues to increase steadily.

Sea Safety

The number for marine emergencies is the same throughout China’s waters:

  • Tel: 12395

In the event of a marine emergency:

  • Send SOS signals to satellites, nearby ports, and passing ships
  • Use a reflector to reflect light as much as possible
  • Fire off signal flares

Sailing Licences

Each city and region of China has its own regulations regarding sailing licences. Sailors of yachts and sailboats in Shanghai's waters do not need a licence.

Although boat licensing regulations do exist, the easiest way to enjoy boating or sailing in Shanghai is to contact one of the organisations below for further information: