Local Administration Offices in Shanghai

Contact information for local administrative centres in Shanghai, including where to go for visas, registering at a police station, and more...

Government offices are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. Only authorities who regularly deal with foreigners offer services in English; otherwise a translator is needed.

The Shanghai Government website provides information about all Shanghai government agencies. Availability of this service in English varies from agency to agency.

  • For a comprehensive list of government offices: Click here

Visas and Residence Permits

Visas and resident permits are handled by the Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Pudong and service in English is guaranteed. Children who are born to foreigners living in Shanghai must also be registered with the PSB.

Waiting times can be long and the bureaucracy confusing, so it is best to prepare all documents beforehand.

Registering at a Public Security Bureau

Foreigners have to register with their local police station (Public Security Bureau - PSB) shortly after arriving in Shanghai.

While hotels and guesthouses automatically register guests, residents in private accommodation must go to their neighbourhood police station to register.

PSB offices in Shanghai

  • Changning
    : 201 Weining Road, near Maotai Road
  • Huangpu
    : 174 Jinling East Road
  • Jingan
    : 415 Jiaozhou Road, near Kangding Road
  • Luwan
    : 22 Jianguo Zhong Road, near Sinan Road
  • Pudong
    : 655 Dingxiang Road, near HeHuan Road
  • Putuo
    : 1895 Daduhe Road, near Jinding Road
  • Xuhui
    : 901 Tianyaoqiao Road, near Zhongshan Road
  • Yangpu
    : 2049 Pingliang Road, near Longchuan Road
  • Zhabei
    : 600 Tianmu Zhong Road

Information for Expatriates

Service for Expats is a government website specifically designed to help foreigners living in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Information Centre for International Visitors provides information and services for expatriates working and living in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, which offers a service in English, has information about marriage, adoption and death.

The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality also has information for foreigners living in Shanghai.

The Overseas Chinese Affairs of Shanghai is a service for returning Chinese citizens and their families.