Air Travel in China

Find out about Chinese international and domestic airports and flights to, from and around the country...

China has over 500 airports. The largest of which are detailed below:


Beijing Capital International Airport is located to the northeast of the city. As of 2011 it was the second busiest airport in the world and the busiest in Asia in terms of passengers.

There are a number of transport methods to and from the airport:

  • Shuttle bus: routes cover both urban and provincial areas along a number of lines. For further details on cost and routes: Click here
  • Airport Express metro line: runs from Terminal 2 – Terminal 3 – Sanyuanqiou station – Dongzhimen station transport hub
  • Taxis are available from outside arrivals at each of the three terminals
  • There is ample parking in the airport with three separate car parks
  • In addition there is a free shuttle bus service between terminals


Shanghai has two international airports:

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located 30 Km east of central Shanghai. It is the main domestic hub for a number of airlines and has an annual capacity of some 60,000,000 passengers.

Transport from the airport:

  • The airport is situated on the Shanghai Metro Line 2 and has a stop at Pudong International Airport Station
  • The Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT) is a magnetic levitation train that runs from Pudong International Airport Station to Lonyang Road maglev station in Pudong
  • Shuttle buses are available along 10 lines from the airport. For a timetable: Click here
  • Taxis are available from outside arrivals

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is located 13 Km west of Shanghai near the town of Hongqiao. Currently handling over 30,000,000 passengers every year, Hongqiao is the fourth busiest airport in China.

Transport from the airport:

  • Shanghai Metro lines 2 and 10 both connect the airport to the centre of Shanghai
  • A shuttle bus operates on a number of lines to various destinations in the city. For a timetable: Click here
  • Taxis are available from outside arrivals in terminals 1 and 2
  • There is also a free shuttle bus between terminal 1 and 2


Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the main airport in the Guangdong province located in its capital Guangzhou. It is China's second busiest airport with over 45,000,000 passengers a year.

Transport to and from the airport is available via:

  • Airport South Station on line 3 of the Guangzhou Metro
  • Airport express buses travel to a wide variety of destinations from the airport. For a comprehensive timetable: Click here
  • Taxis are available from outside arrivals


Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport is located 32 Km northwest of the city centre and is the fifth busiest airport in China. It is popular with those wishing to travel to Hong Kong due to its comparatively low fares to those of Hong Kong International.

There are many transport options to and from the airport:

  • Bus lines run to a variety of different locations from the airport including Hong Kong and Macau. 
  • Airport buses travel regularly from the airport to Hualian Mansion
  • The airport is at the end of Luobao (Line 1) of the Shenzhen Metro system
  • A helicopter service is also available linking Shenzhen to Macao
  • Taxis are available from the airport. 
  • Ferry services are in operation from the Fuyong Ferry Terminal at the airport to connect the airport to Macau and Hong Kong

Domestic Airlines

Domestic airlines in China include: