Parking in China

An overview of the main parking regulations in China...

The rapid increase in car ownership in China over the last decade means that, in the larger cities in particular, parking is at a premium, with a chronic shortage of spaces available for the much larger number of users. Newer office blocks and commercial buildings often have underground parking lots incorporated; some employees have a parking space provided by the company, while some have to pay a daily or monthly fee. Fees vary considerably, and can often represent a significant outlay each month.

On-street parking in cities is usually metered, but there are also plenty of areas in each city where unofficial parking takes place in an attempt to avoid the high costs of daily fees. In Beijing, for example, roadside parking costs from CNY10 to CNY15 per hour. There is a risk of at least a CNY200 fine for parking illegally, with the vehicle at risk of being towed away. Out in the newer, more affluent residential suburbs lack of parking spaces is less of an issue.

Different provinces have varying local laws and fine systems, although generally traffic and parking fines should be paid at the police station nearest to where the offence took place.