Bringing Up Babies, Toddlers and Children in Colombia

Everything for parents with young children living in Colombia: with information on health matters, child benefits and childcare...

In Colombia it is very common for an obstetrician to oversee the birth of a baby. Following the birth the parents or care givers receive a medical booklet (tarjeta de vacunación) that contains all the information about immunization and vaccines.

Toddler Health

Parents choose a paediatrician from the IPS (Instituciones Prestadoras de Servicios de Salud – health care providers/institutions) associated with the health care system (Entidades Promotoras de Salud – EPS) they belong to for the follow up of the baby's health, check-ups, vaccinations, and other health-related issues. Parents who belong to a subsidised scheme are assigned a health care clinic by the IPS.

The health care providers (IPS) give general or more specialized coverage depending on the health plan they are affiliated to.

The general plan provided by EPS covers:

  • Care during maternity, childbirth and for the newborn
  • Post-natal health
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • Health checks
  • Hospital treatment

Find information about the recommended vaccination programme and schedule for children in Colombia (website in Spanish).

Child Benefit

The Care for Early Childhood programme (Atención integral a la Primera Infancia) ensures the provision of necessary medical assistance and health care to children from birth to five years old. It is available for the unemployed and people on low income and provides medical assistance and free vaccines.

The vaccinations included in the national recommended programme are free for all children under six years of age.