Higher Education

Find out about the further education system in Colombia...

Higher Education (Educación Superior) consists of technical and professional institutes, and universities.

Courses at technical universities usually last two or three years. The resulting titles are usually one of the following: técnico profesional, profesional or tecnólogo.

Post graduate education includes masters degrees (Maestrías), which generally last for two years and PhD courses (Doctorados), which can last from two to five years.

Many universities in Colombia have joined together to form the Association of Colombian Universities (Associación Colombiana de Universidades - ASCON).

ICETEX, the Instituto Colombiano de crédito educativo y estudios en el exterior, is the institution in charge of financial aid for tertiary education. ICETEX offers some scholarships to foreigners for postgraduate study at Colombian universities.

SENA, the National Learning Service, provides training and education options outside of traditional university pathways.