Teenage Driving in Colombia

The regulations affecting teenage drivers and learners in Colombia...

The legal age to drive in Colombia is 16. However, a permit signed by the parents or legal guardians is required for minors.

To obtain a driving license, known as the Pase de Conducción, the young driver must:

  • Be 16 years of age or more
  • Take a theory and practical test or have an approved certificate of driving skills granted by a driving school approved by the Ministry of Transport.
  • Provide a certificate of mental and physical health.

A driver’s license will be suspended for between one and three years for a grade zero level of intoxication (0.20-0.39 blood alcohol level, roughly equivalent to two beers). For higher levels of intoxication the license may be suspended for up to ten years, or may simply be revoked.

A set number of hours carrying out community service also forms part of the penalties.