Giving Birth in Colombia

Find out about the options available to you when the time comes for the birth of your baby, and postnatal care in Colombia…

The mother should find out in advance which health institutions are covered by her health provider (EPS) in order to develop a step-by-step birth plan in consultation with the doctor.

A gynaecologist or the specialist who has followed the pregnancy is present at the birth, assisted by a midwife or nurse.

The woman spends the first stage of labour in a room with a nurse who monitors the contractions. The mother is then moved to an operating theatre for the birth itself, whether it is a caesarean or natural childbirth.

The baby’s birth must be registered within 30 days to ensure healthcare, among other benefits.

Home Births

Home births are not common in Colombia, but every woman has the right to plan the birth of her baby and give home at birth if she wishes. Some mothers prefer to use the services of midwives (Parteras).

Newborn Healthcare

The registration of a newborn with the Health System (EPS) is automatic. However, the health provider requires the parents to fill out a form and provide a copy of the birth certificate.

The first visit to the doctor is scheduled for 15 days after the birth, with further visits every two weeks until the baby is two months old.

In this appointment the doctor examines the baby and checks his or her reflexes, breathing, and heartbeat, and looks for any congenital malformations.


Following the birth, the mother receives a Tarjeta de vacunación (immunization card). This contains the vaccinations records and should be presented each time the baby receives another vaccination.

The newborn baby is vaccinated against tuberculosis (BCG) and hepatitis. The Colombian government provides a vaccination calendar detailing age and dosage information for all vaccinations.