Support Groups in Bogota

Contact details for English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), drug aid, cancer support meetings, newcomer groups and more...

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohólicos Anónimos: Alcoholics Anonymous programme for those seeking help to stop drinking. English and Spanish meetings.

Drug Abuse

Narconon Bogotá: Drug rehabilitation program run by an international, non-religious, not-for-profit organisation.

Narcotics Anonymous: Regular Spanish-speaking NA meetings are held at various locations in Bogotá. All meetings are open.

Cancer Support

Carlos Ardila Lülle Oncology Institute: A palliative-care team provides simultaneous and integrated care with clinical oncologists in the outpatient clinic and at home. Support is provided by a specialist in palliative care, a psychologist and nurses dedicated to palliative care, to both patients and their caregivers.

Adoption Support

FANA: Support network for families who have completed or are going through the process of adopting children through the organisation.

  • FANA
    At: Carrera 96 Nº. 156B-30, Zona Occidente
    Tel: (1) 680 6000

Newcomers' Support

American Women's Club of Bogota: Founded in 1947 the organisation aims to provide opportunities for American women, as well as women from other nationalities, to meet and share their experiences in Bogota.

Religious Support Groups

Jewish Kids Colombia: Online community to provide support, assistance and help for Jewish children to stay in touch with other kids their age, and to discuss and share their experiences.

UCB Ministries: Ministries aimed to help young people deal with the difficulties of adolescence and to help international students growing up between two countries. Regular meetings throughout the week.