Getting Online: Internet in Colombia

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in Colombia...

Internet use has been steadily increasing in Colombia and a number of service providers offer coverage to much of the country, although there are also many service providers that only cover one region. The variation in the number of competitors in each region means that costs can sometimes be higher in some regions than in others.

Many service providers offer all-in-one landline, Internet and television packages.

Internet service charges and the initial installation charge vary depending on how long the contract is taken out for, and the package of services offered. An Internet router is usually supplied to be rented for the duration of the contract.

Connections speeds can vary greatly, with providers such as Claro offering speeds up 50 megabytes in some regions.

Internet hotspots are provided around some cities by some service providers. Users either need to be a customer or pay a fee.

To sign up for an Internet package, the following documents must be provided:

  • Foreigner's ID card (Cédula de Extranjería)
  • Proof of address in the form of a bank statement or utility bill

Some of the main Internet providers can be found below (websites in Spanish):