Getting Connected to Landlines in Colombia

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Colombia...

The leading landline provider in Colombia is Telefónica Telecom. It is part-owned by the Colombian government and the Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica. The larger cities contain more than half of the country's landlines; more rural regions often have less extensive coverage. However, Colombia has a very high number of mobile phone users, cell phones having long overtaken traditional landlines in popularity. In Colombia, Telefónica operates under the name Movistar.

Other major landline providers in Colombia include (websites in Spanish):

  • Claro
    Tel: 01800 034 1818
  • Edatel
    Tel: 01800 040 1401
  • Une
    : 01800 041 0141

The major service providers often provide customers with package options, which include landline, television and Internet. This is usually a more cost-effective way of paying for services than signing up to individual providers for each service. The amount of telecommunications providers varies from one region to another, meaning that in some areas costs are noticeably higher because the same level of market competition does not drive prices down as it does in other areas.

How to get connected

To get connected, visit an outlet of one of the service providers or call them on their freephone numbers. Offers and rates can be compared online. The location of your property will determine the coverage and rates available. In order to get connected, a form of identification is necessary, for example a foreigner's ID card (Cédula de Extranjería), or passport. Contracts are generally for a minimum of one year.