English-language Cinema

How to find out what movies are showing at cinemas in Bogotá and where to buy tickets...

Cinemas in Bogotá are mostly multi-screen cinema complexes belonging to one of a few chains. Most of the chain film theatres are located inside shopping centres and malls, and the smaller, more intimate cinemas showing mostly independent films are often found in standalone locations.

Foreign language films are generally shown in the original language with subtitles in Spanish (subtitulada), but children's movies are dubbed (Doblada al español) most of the time.

Cinemas and Tickets

Tickets can be bought on line, by telephone or directly at the movie theatre. Weekly programmes are available on the cinema websites and it is possible to search by film, cinema or date.

Below are the main cinema complex companies (websites in Spanish):

Independent cinemas


Prices for cinema tickets depend on the venue, the day and the time. In general, Mondays to Wednesdays are cheaper than other days. There are special reduced rates for children, people with disabilities and senior citizens. It is also common for cinemas and companies to provide a loyalty card with discounts and ticket reservations online.