Markets in Bogota

Information on markets in Bogota - find out where to find local food produce and arts, crafts and flea markets...

There is a variety of food and flea markets in Bogota where local entrepreneurs, artisans and food vendors present their collections of original crafts and a selection of local produce.

Food Markets

Plaza Samper Mendoza: This market is known as the centre of flowers, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants.

  • At: Calle 50 Cra. 26#22 A
  • Open: All day every day from Tuesday 1st March to Saturday 31st December

Mercado AgroEcologico Campesino: Set up by ImpactHub Bogota as a family event where people can have access to the produce growers and quality and fresh fruit and vegetables in a great environment.

  • At: Calle 69#6-20
  • Open: Every Sunday from 6th March to Saturday 31st December. 9:00 - 15:00

La Concordia: This food market in the city centre has been declared a national heritage building and has gone through a reconstruction and renovation process. Selling groceries, fruits and vegetables, the market is most known for their traditional Colombian deserts. On Sundays and holidays the market closes at 15:00.

  • At: La Calenderia
  • Open: Everyday from Tuesday 1st March to Saturday 31st December. 07:00 - 17:30

Codabas: Produce central on the north of the city with stands and shops set up by the producers to bring meats, fruits and vegetables into the city. This daily market has a very wide variety of food offers.

  • At: Cra. 7 No. 180-75
  • Open: Everyday from Tuesday 1st March to Saturday 31st December. 07:00 - 17:30

Plaza 12 de Octubre: The market is known for its variety of fish and dairy products, but most famous for the wide selection of traditional Columbian dishes sold including fried foods and lechona. The market closes one hour early on Thursdays, at 16:00, and two hours earlier on Sundays and Holidays, at 15:00.

  • At: Entre Carrera 51 y 52, Cra. 51 #72-13
  • Open: Everyday from Tuesday 1st March to Saturday 31st December. 07:00 -17:00

Plaza 7 de Agosto: One of the most important traditional markets in the country, sellers arrive first thing in the morning from the countryside all around the city with flowers, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and prepared food of the freshest quality.

  • At: Calle 66 #23-30
  • Open: Everyday from Tuesday 1st March to Saturday 31st December. 07:00 -16:00

Paloquemao: This market is one of the most important retailers in the country, with a large variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats and flowers, one of Colombia's biggest exports. The market is home to a huge variety of fresh foods from the country at reasonable prices.

  • At: Calle 19, N° 27 - 04, Zona Centro
    Open: Monday to Saturday 04:30-16:30; Sunday: 04:30-14:30

Arts and Crafts Markets

San Pelayo Usaquén (Spanish): Probably the most popular flea market in town, it is held on Sundays in the town square of a residential neighbourhood with lots of colonial charm. This flea market focuses on artists and artisan crafts, with a wide variety of hand-crafted items for the home, such as picture frames, toys, rugs, paintings, posters and jewellery. Food is also available at some of the stalls.

  • At: Carrera 6A between Calles 119 y 120, Zona norte
    Open: Sunday and public holidays 09:00-17:00

Carpe Diem Usaquén: Complementing the San Pelayo Market, this market at the top of the neighbourhood of Usaquén showcases arts and crafts, food and music and dancing. It has its own parking lot.

  • At: Carrera 5 Nº. 119B-33, Zona Norte
    Tel: (1) 6291249
    Open: Sunday and public holidays 09:00-17:00

San Alejo: Located in downtown Bogotá in a giant parking lot, this market is full of tents and vendors offering antiques, handicrafts and collectable items such as posters, books and old records

  • At: Carrera 7 N° 24-70, Zona Centro
    Open: Sunday and public holidays 09:00-17:00

Las Puertas del Cielo: This market is located in a park in the north of the city and promotes independent design. It features young talented musicians, fashion and industrial designers, painters, artisans and photographers . The market takes place once every two months. There is also a food yard with a selection of snacks and drinks.

  • At: Hacienda San Rafael at Carrera 53 No 144-15
    Open: 09:00-17:00

Pasaje Rivas: A craft market offering a variety of items including T-shirts, straw hats, toys and baskets.

  • At: Corner Carrera 10 & Calle 10
  • Open: 9am -6pm and to 3pm on Sundays

Galeria Artesenal: A small, intimate area offering a range of charms and trinkets for sale.

  • At: Cra.7 #121-63
  • Open: Cl. 16#5-60

San Andresito: A large market area with indoor markets selling everything at lower prices than the high street.

  • At: Carrera 38 between 8 and 9
  • Open: 9am - 6pm