Telephone Numbers in Colombia

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Useful Telephone Numbers

To call internationally from Colombia:
Dial exit code (depends on the telephone operator) followed by country code and number
Exit code:
005/007/009 + country code + area code + telephone number
To call internationally to Colombia:
Dial entry code then Colombian number
Entry code:
57 + area code + telephone number
Trunk prefix 0 + 1 or 3 digit carrier code + telephone number

Telephone Numbers in Colombia


Dialling to a landline in Bogotá from a different city requires an operator code (05, 07, 09 depending on the company that provides the connection).

  • For example:
    (05/07/09) 1 6151647

Dialling to a landline in Bogotá from a mobile phone anywhere in the country uses the prefix 03 and then the city prefix (1) followed by the seven digit number.

Mobile phone numbers

To call any mobile in the country from a different mobile phone, dial the 10 digit number. The first three digits indicate the company which provides the mobile service.

  • For example:
    310 2118879

To call a mobile phone from a landline, add the prefix 03 and then the 10 digit mobile number.

  • For example:
    03 310 2118879

Other numbers

Telephone numbers that start with 018000 are toll free lines and can be dialled directly.

There is a charge for calling 019000 numbers and it can be relatively expensive.

Online Directories

The Colombian Yellow Pages (Paginas Amarillas) are available online in English

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