Parking in Bogota

Information about parking rules and regulations in Bogota and how to pay parking fines...

Street Parking

In Bogota, street parking is forbidden in the following places:

  • Sidewalks, green spaces or in public spaces destined for pedestrians, recreation or conservation
  • Main roads, highways, security areas, on crossings or close to train tracks
  • On roads with signs indicating time and vehicle limitations
  • On bridges, tunnels, high structures and their access.
  • In zones designated for parking or stopping of specific vehicles, such as bus stops and spaces for people with disabilities
  • In bus lanes
  • Further than 30cm from the sidewalk
  • Double parked, or in front of fire hydrants, private garages and on curves and bends on the road
  • Where it might interfere with the moving of parked vehicles
  • Where it is forbidden expressly by the local transport authority

Several informal parking spaces exist around the city, frequented by people who help drivers find parking spaces and claim to watch the car for a voluntary tip. However, these informal spaces offer no guarantee of safety for cars and are often in areas where parking is forbidden and therefore subject to fines or vehicles being towed away.

Public Parking Garages

It is advisable to avoid street parking. Many private companies operate car parks where tariffs are applied by the minute, quarter of an hour or hour. Several parking garages have partnerships with restaurants and other businesses for discounts or free parking, and some restaurants and businesses offer valet parking services.

Most of the parking garages operate as standalone businesses; however, there are two large companies that operate several car parks in Bogota, and offer discounts, membership cards and special services.

  • City Parking (Spanish)
    At: Calle 103 Nº. 14A-53. Office 206, Zona Norte
    Tel: (1) 6210372
    : Calle 84 Nº. 19A-10, Zona Norte
    Tel: (1) 6369866

Fines and Towing

Committing a driving or parking offence may incur a fine or the car may be towed away.


Driving offences that take place within the Capital District of Bogota are subject to a fine.

To pay the fine, download the pay ticket from the website of the Mobility Secretariat (Secretaría de Movilidad). Alternatively, go to one of the SuperCADEs (Américas, Movilidad, Suba and 20 de Julio) or one of the SIM offices and request the printed ticket.

The fine can then be paid at a branch of the Banco de Occidente or Banco Caja Social. It must be paid within the dates specified on the pay ticket.

Discounts on the amount of the fine can be obtained by attending a special course on traffic rules in Spanish.


When a car has been towed in the city, it is taken to a parking area known as a patio. In order to retrieve the car the following steps can be taken by the owner or a third party with a notarized power of attorney. When the reason for towing is classified as 'abandoned', for example if the car was badly parked, only the owner registered on the vehicle registration documents can retrieve the car.

Go to SuperCADE Movilidad with the original and two copies of the following documents:

  • Orden de Comparendo Azul: Blue order for the fine, issued at the time of towing, or downloaded from the Mobility Secretariat website. A digital copy can also be obtained at the SuperCADE
  • ID of the owner
  • Valid driving license
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Proof of mandatory third party insurance
  • Certificate of the technical check-up (revisión técnico mecánica), if applicable
  • Inventario de Patios y Grua form: Obtainable at the SuperCADE

Pay the fine at the Banco Caja Social of the SuperCADE Movilidad.

  • SuperCADE Movilidad
    At: Calle 13 Nº. 37-35, Zona Centro
    Tel: 195
    Open: Monday to Friday: 07:00-19:00; Saturday 08:00-12:00

Collect the car from the Patio Unico Publico.

  • Patio Unico Publico
    : Calle 17 Nº. 90-90, Zona Occidente, Bogotá
    Tel: (1) 4133946
    Open: Monday to Friday 07:00-20:00; Saturday 07:00-13:00

Further information about the procedure is available on the Mobility website (in Spanish).