Taxi Services in Bogota

Information about the taxis in Bogota...

There are approximately 50,000 taxis circulating on the streets of Bogota each day, making the service readily available and affordable. However, there are several points to be aware of:

Safety: In Bogota, safety when taking taxis is a concern; unauthorized taxis on the streets can pose a serious danger to unsuspecting clients. For this reason it is strongly recommended to avoid hailing taxis on the streets, and order them from a known taxi company instead.

Prices and Rates: By law, the rates need to be displayed on a rate card behind the passenger's seat. The start point is 25 units, and the minimum fare is $3.900 pesos (April 2016). It is important to make sure that the number of units in the meter corresponds to the price for those units on the rate card. The value of each unit is $78 pesos.

  • Every service has a starting charge of 25 units in the meter
  • Every 100 meters (about one block) adds a unit
  • Every 30 seconds waiting adds a unit
  • Airport surcharge is 50 units
  • At night, Sundays and public holidays surcharge 24 units
  • Minimum charge 50 units (equivalent to $3.900 COP)
  • Hourly rate 225 units
  • Bus terminal surcharge 7 units

There are also a few smart phone Apps, for example Tappsi or Easy Taxi to help track down, order and take a taxi safely from any point in the city. There is also the app Calculadora de Tarifas (Taxi tariff calculator) which converts taxi units to the tariff to pay.

White taxis

White taxis are special tourist service taxis, their drivers are often trained in local tourism and generally speak English. White taxis can be ordered at most hotels, sightseeing landmarks and other tourist attractions.