Bus and Coach Travel in Colombia

Information on getting around the country using the bus and coach networks...

Bus and coach travel is the most popular form of public transport in the country as it is seen as an affordable alternative to the more expensive air travel. There are intercity bus services connecting most big cities and towns and local bus services in the smaller towns of Colombia. The quality of these services varies from town to town.

It is generally not necessary to book intercity bus tickets in advance, except during holiday periods. On local bus networks payment is made on boarding the bus.

There are many bus companies operating coach services between the towns and cities across the country. A few of them can be found below:

Bus Stations in Colombia

Intercity buses depart from bus stations (terminal de pasajeros). Most big towns and cities have a bus station; some of the main ones are listed below:

Urban Transport

All major towns and cities in Colombia have a bus network of some description. In some towns there are also rapid transit infrastructures in place: