Vehicle Roadworthiness tests in Colombia

The compulsory roadworthiness test for your car or other motor vehicle in Colombia: when and where to get it done...

Vehicles in Colombia must be tested to ensure that they are roadworthy in order to drive on Colombian roads. This test is known as the revisión técnico mecánica. In order for a vehicle to be deemed roadworthy it must, as a minimum, have fully functioning:

  • Brakes
  • Steering system
  • Suspension
  • Lights
  • Mirrors

The vehicle must have also passed any necessary emissions tests.

When to Take the Test

The vehicle must be tested six years after the car was registered for the first time. After this, it must be tested every year. For motorcycles, the first check-up should take place two years after the initial registration, and from then on every year.

The test must be carried out in an officially authorized garage (centros de diagnóstico automotriz - CDA). The cost of the test varies and depends on the type of vehicle and the town where the vehicle is tested.

The following documents must be presented when taking a vehicle in for an emissions and roadworthiness test:

  • Vehicle Registration documents
  • Proof of compulsory insurance (SOAT)

There is a fine for not having a vehicle checked, which is equivalent to 15 daily minimum salaries. The vehicle is also impounded.

Failing the Test

If a vehicle fails the test, it is essential that the repairs listed on the test paper are carried out as soon as possible. If the vehicle is submitted for retesting within 15 days, there is no charge. If the vehicle is retested after 15 days the vehicle will have to undergo another test at full cost.