Children With Special Needs

Understand what kind of assistance is available for children with special needs in the Colombia school system...

Policies and regulations for children with special education needs in Colombia are implemented by the Ministry of Education. The system aims to include children with disabilities within mainstream classes, however, there is still much room for improvement.

There are a number of institutions which provide for children with disabilities, from schools for hearing and visually impaired to resources for speech therapy and learning difficulties.

Some of the international schools in Colombia do cater for children with special educational needs, however, places may be limited and they may not cater for all students' needs. Some of the schools listed below have a Learning Centre for children that provide support to students with learning difficulties and some also cater for children with physical disabilities.

Resources for Parents of Children with SEN

Discapacidad Colombia is a non-governmental organisation which provides a wealth of information about disabilities in general, and resources in Colombia. The site lists links to organisations from many different areas of public life, from education, to sport, to culture. It is an excellent resource for finding out information regarding living with disabilities in Colombia.

The Colombian Network of Universities supporting Disabilities (Red Colombiana de Universidades por la Discapacidad - RCUD) is a collaborative network of higher education institutions, public and private organisations, and individuals working to improve the inclusion process of people with disabilities in higher education.