Registering the Birth

Find out how to register the birth and the documents required…

The clinic provides a certificado de nacido vivo (certificate of live birth) to the parents, which they use to obtain the certificado civil de nacimiento (birth certificate) at the registry office (Registraduria) or public notary's office.

Birth registration is free of charge and the registration process is generally carried out in the town where the child is born.

At the time of registration, the baby is assigned a Personal Identification Number (NUIP). This number is unique and all documents that the child acquires during its life, will have this number. The child will also have its footprints taken.

  • If the baby is a month old or less, take the certificate of live birth issued by the hospital
  • If there is no certificate of live birth, the parents must make a statement under oath that two witnesses were present or aware of the birth
  • If the baby is over one month old, submit any of the above documents, or the baptism certificate.
  • Civil registration is free, however, there is a cost for the copy of the certificate