Furniture, Hardware and Office Supplies in Colombia

Find out about the Colombian chain stores that supply the basic furniture, home furnishings, groceries, white goods, electrical appliances and DIY equipment for your home...

What follows is a small selection of basic self-service furniture, appliance and DIY hardware chain stores in Colombia (some are only found in the larger cities). There is no guarantee that any members of staff will speak English, but once you have found what you need, little more than basic Spanish should be necessary for the transaction.

Most of the chain stores offer club cards with special discounts and a system where customers accumulate points that can be exchanged for specific products or for a discount on purchases.

Hypermarkets, Superstores and Supermarkets

Supermarkets in Colombia offer a wide range of foods, beverages, frozen meals, health and beauty products among other goods. Most supermarkets chains in Colombia have their own restaurants, offering a variety of food to either eat in or take away. Most also offer an online shopping service.

Carulla: Very popular supermarket chain in Colombia with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, fruit and vegetables, baked goods, national and international food products, and health and beauty products. There is a pharmacy in each shop, and some Carulla shops are open 24 hours.

Exito: Hypermarket chain selling food, home, office and kitchen appliances, clothing, decorations, furniture, health and beauty products and sports goods. There is also a restaurant within each store.

Olimpica: Large chain of food and drink supermarkets stocking cleaning products, health and beauty items and kitchen appliances.

Carrefour: Well-known French chain with three megastores in Bogotá. In addition to groceries it also stocks clothing, home and kitchen appliances, garden equipment and furniture.

Furniture and Appliance Shops

Falabella: Department store selling a wide variety of products from electronics, kitchen appliances, furniture, bedding, and decorative items to sporting goods. They offer the tarjeta falabella (Falabella Card) with discounts and promotions throughout the year. They have their own bank and credit card, CRM Falabella, for purchases at stores and elsewhere. There is also a travel agency and an insurance company affiliated to the brand.

Homecenter: Large chain store specializing in home improvement items, home and kitchen appliances, and furniture for the home and garden, as well as construction and hardware items.

Muebles y Accesorios: Furniture for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and studios, including chairs, coffee tables, storage solutions, and closets. It also stocks home décor items such as carpets, curtains and artwork for walls.

Office Depot: Chain store specializing in office furniture and storage, such as desks, chairs and filing cabinets. It also sells electronic items such as printers, televisions, laptops, scanners, phones and office supplies.

Bima: Well-known Colombian shop specializing in furniture for the home, office and garden, plus decorating and lighting solutions.

Novoarte: Interior design store with home décor items for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, and modern furniture.

Other well-known furniture shops in Colombia include Zientte and Bo Concept.

Building Materials, Hardware and DIY

Home Sentry: Chain store specializing in home improvement items, electronics, furniture, lighting, hardware, kitchens, tiles, flooring and building and construction materials.

Constructor: Construction materials, rental and sale of DIY tools, hardware materials, flooring, tiles, and bathroom appliances.

Office Supplies and Stationery

Comercial Papelera: Everything from school supplies to computers and other electronic items, office supplies and stationery in general. Printing and photocopying services, and graphic design. Some stores are open 24 hours.

Panamericana: Chain of office and school supplies, including books, school and university textbooks, materials for art and design, photos, printers, ink cartridges and stationery items.  Office furniture, storage solutions and filing cabinets Some stores are open 24 hours.

Ktronix: Electronics for the home and office including televisions, DVDs, cameras, computers, kitchen and lighting appliances, cellphones, video games, home entertainment systems and speakers.