Colombian Drinks

Find out about some of the most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available in Colombia...

Colombia is renowned for its coffee, which is often considered the best in the world. Colombian coffee is mostly consumed either con leche (half coffee, half heated milk) or tinto (black and sweet).

Colombia also has a unique variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are born from its naturally found ingredients. A few of the most unique and popular include:

Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Aguapanela: A sweetened water often flavoured with lime juice. It is often made in large batches and can be served hot and cold. When hot, it is common to add cheese
  • Avena Colombiana: A creamy drink often taken for breakfast made from oats, milk, water, cinnamon, cloves and sugar
  • Champús: Made from fruits such as lulo and pineapple, sugar cane and maize then flavoured with orange tree leaves, cinnamon and cloves. It is most popular on the south Pacific coastline
  • Chocolate caliente: Made with milk, water and melted bars of chocolate it can be flavoured with cloves, vanilla or cinnamon. In Bogatá is sometimes served with cheese
  • Lulada: Mainly drunk in Cali, lulada is made from the pulp of lulo fruit and sugar and is served with ice

Alcoholic drinks

  • Aguardiente: Made from sugar cane and flavoured with aniseed
  • Canelazo: Popular in the Andes regions, canelazo is served hot and is made with aguardiente and boiled cinnamon water. Other variations exist using fruit juice or cloves
  • Chicha: Fermented maize drink. In some areas the maize is ground before being moistened in the mouth and flattened to continue the fermentation process
  • Guarapo: Fermented fruit juice with sugar cane or honey
  • Masato: Made with rice, brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Other variations include mango, pineapple and maize. It is popular in the Santander, Tolima, Cundinamarca and Boyacá areas
  • Ron: Spanish for Rum. Made from sugar cane by the processes of fermentation and distillation. Colombian rum is considered to be among the best in the world
  • Sabajón: Cocktail typical of Christmas celebrations in Colombia. Similar to eggnog but made with condensed milk Aguardiente and Ron