Driving Licenses in Colombia

For drivers who hold a driving license issued outside Colombia: find out who is legally allowed to drive on Colombia’s roads, and how to exchange a foreign license if necessary...

The issuing of driving licenses in Colombia is overseen by the Ministry of Transport (Ministerio de Transporte). Licenses are issued, reviewed and renewed at departmental, district, and municipal levels.

A driving license may be acquired from the age of 16, but permission from a parent or guardian must be granted to ensure any costs can be paid in the event of an accident. Certain restrictions are in place, such as not being allowed on certain roads or permitted to drive after 23:00; these restrictions are lifted once the driver turns 18.

Types of Driving Licenses

  • A1 - For motorcycles with engines smaller than 125cc
  • A2 - For motorcycles with engines greater than 125cc
  • B1 - Cars, rickshaws, jeeps, vans, and minibuses
  • B2 - Lorries and buses
  • B3 - Larger transport and cargo vehicles
  • Category C licenses (C1, C2, C3) cover all public service vehicles