Colombia Driving Licenses

Find out about getting a Colombia driving license and learning to drive a car or motorbike in Colombia...

In Colombia the driver's license is known as Pase de Conducción.

Applications for a driving license are made at a driving school. A list of driving schools approved by the Ministry of Transport can be found on the Conducir Colombia website.

In order to apply for a driving license in Colombia, the driver must:

  • Be over 16 years old
  • Be able to read and write
  • Sit a theory test or pass an aptitude test (un certificado de aptitudes en conducción) issued by a driving school approved by the Ministry of Transport
  • Obtain a medical certificate (un certificado de aptitud física, mental y coordinación motriz para conducir), certifying that the applicant is fit to drive
  • Be registered with the RUNT, the National Transport Registry. This is usually done by the driving school

Once the application for a driving license has been made, the applicant goes to a centro de reconocimiento para conductores (test center) to complete the theory test, which is in Spanish. The theory test examines the applicant's ability to identify road signs and their knowledge of the National Highway Code.

After successfully completing the test, the applicant must undergo a medical examination which tests reaction times, eyesight, hearing and coordination. The cost of the examination varies from place to place and is carried out when applying for the license at a centro de reconocimiento para conductores (CRC) or at a local Transport (SIM) Office.

Driving licenses in Colombia do not function on a points-based system. Drivers will either be fined or in more serious cases have their licenses suspended or revoked, for example if caught driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Validity and Renewal

The driving license is valid for ten years for people up to the age of 60 and for three years for those aged over 60, after which the license must be renewed. In addition to producing the required documents, the person must also take a medical test to prove they are fit to drive.

A license may be renewed in any driving school authorized by the Ministry of Transport.

The following documentation is required when renewing a license:

  • Passport photo
  • A document providing details of the license. In Bogotá this is provided by Integrated Mobility System (Sistema integrado de movilidad - SIM), and is known as the Hoja de datos licencia de conducción
  • Certificate of Paz y Salvo, this can be obtained from the RUNT and is a document stating that the driver does not have any outstanding debts or tickets with the transport authorities
  • A photocopy of a valid ID
  • An aptitude exam certificate, which has been registered on the National Transit Registry - RUNT
  • The previous license must also have been registered on the RUNT system in order for it to be renewed