Drink Driving Laws in Colombia

Find out about the blood alcohol laws in Colombia...

Driving while drunk is considered a serious criminal offence in Colombia and if a motorist is found to be over the limit while driving, he or she could be sent to prison. Driving under the influence of drugs is also a criminal offence, and the penalties are the same as those for drink driving.

Drink driving has long been an issue in Colombia, and the cause of many road deaths, recently however, the government has introduced far stricter penalties and the number of alcohol related accidents has decreased.

The traffic police have the right to test drivers for intoxication from alcohol and narcotics. A breath test can be administered (examen de embriaguez).

Penalties for drink driving vary depending on whether it is a first-time or repeated offence and fines range from 1,768,000 pesos to 28,000,000 pesos. If a driver is apprehended a second time while driving under the influence, he or she will be liable to pay 15 percent of the commercial value of the vehicle being driven.

A driver’s license will be suspended for between one to three years for a grade zero level of intoxication (0.20-0.39 blood alcohol level, roughly equivalent to two beers). For higher levels of intoxication the license may be suspended for up to ten years, or may simply be revoked.

A set number of hours carrying out community service also forms part of the penalties.

In the event of an accident caused by drink driving, sentences and fines are much more severe.

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