Driving Fines and Offences

Find out about driving fines for infractions when driving in Colombia...

Fines and penalties for driving offence come in a number of forms in Colombia. Drivers may be fined, or have their licenses suspended or revoked. The vehicle may also be clamped or impounded.

A fine (una multa) may be the equivalent of 30 days' salary at minimum wage. Repeated offences may see drivers have their licenses revoked for anywhere between a number of months to a number of years.

If a vehicle is breaking any laws regarding noise pollution or emissions regulations, a ticket is issued to the driver giving them two weeks to take the vehicle to a diagnostics centre for a check-up (una inspección técnica)

There is a centralised database of information on fines and driving offences, known as the sistema integrado de información sobre las multas y sanciones por infracciones de tránsit (SIMIT). The SIMIT website allows visitors to check their personal accounts using identification documents, and offers various payment options.