Speed Limits and Types of Roads

Understand the different speed limits, types of roads and traffic signs in Colombia...

Toll Roads

There are a number of toll roads (Peajes).

The National Road Institute (Instituto Nacional de Vias - INVIAS), is responsible for the maintenance of the road network in Colombia. Its website provides maps of the main roads in the country.

Speed Limits

The following speed limits apply in Colombia unless indicated otherwise:

  • Residential areas and near schools - up to 30 Km/h
  • Urban areas - up to 60 Km/h
  • Rural areas - up to 80 Km/h
  • Motorways and trunk roads - up to 100 Km/h
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Distances between vehicles

  • For vehicles travelling up to 30 Km/hr, the distance between two vehicles should be 10m
  • For vehicles travelling between 30 Km/hr and 60 Km/hr, the distance between two vehicles should be 20m
  • For vehicles travelling between 60 Km/hr and 80 Km/hr, the distance between two vehicles should be 25m
  • For vehicles travelling more than 80 Km/hr, the distance between two vehicles should be 30m

Traffic Signs

The following types of traffic signs are used in Colombia:

  • Señales reglamentarias - Used to indicate restrictions and limits (red and white)
  • Señales preventivas - Used to indicate an oncoming hazard (yellow), or to inform road users about temporary changes to the normal use of roads (orange)
  • Señales informativas - Used to provide information and guidance to road users (usually blue, white or green)
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Pico y Placa

In Bogotá, Medellín, and a number of other cities there is anti-congestion system which prohibits drivers from using their vehicles on certain days. The days on which a vehicle cannot be driven depends on the license plate number.

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Breakdown Service

No national breakdown service exists in Colombia. Insurance companies may offer breakdown service assistance as part of a package.

Two popular breakdown service providers are Sura and Aseguradora Solidaria.