Public Transport in Colombia

Find out about the public transport options for getting to Colombia and for getting around once you're there...

Colombia's infrastructure is relatively poor compared to some Latin American countries. As there are practically no passenger trains in the country, bus transport is the most popular way of getting around Colombia. The bus network has intercity buses running between major cities, and local bus services in most towns, often reaching even the smallest villages.

Trains and Railway

There is one surviving passenger railway line in Colombia, which exclusively runs the tourist train (Tren Turistico de la Sabana) from Bogatá's Sabana station to Zipaquira and Parque Jaime Duque Briceño.

The only metro system in the country is the Metro de Medellín which opened in 1995. The transport system also incorporates buses and cable cars into its infrastructure.


Authorised taxis are yellow in colour and will display their registration. They are for private hire. It is not advisable to hail taxis from the street.

White shared taxis (colectivo) are also available to use and pick up at regular stops. These are shared with other people and are cheaper than hiring a private vehicle.