Activites for Toddlers

Information on playgroups, toddler groups and activities for kids in Costa Rica...

Toddler Groups

Costa Ricans are very child-friendly and children are welcome almost everywhere. Parents of small children will find that it is easy to make friends with local parents.

It is possible to join informal toddler groups, or to form new ones. Many expatriate websites have forums where groups can be organized or joined.

Toddler Activities and Entertainment

There are many forms of activities and entertainment that parents and children can enjoy in Costa Rica, ranging from national and private parks to museums and theaters.

The Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) provides information in Spanish about youth events and activities in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has municipal parks and playgrounds, but one of the main attractions is the national parks where children can discover the country's spectacular flora and fauna.

PREVIDA is an education resource for new parents, providing links for swimming lessons, hairdressers and family support groups, among others.

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