Gay and Lesbian Organizations

Information about the associations and organizations for the LGBT community in Costa Rica...

There are many international associations that offer resources for gays and lesbians thinking of traveling to or living in Costa Rica. Some have specific sections of information on Costa Rica. They include the following:

Organizations that support gays and lesbians operate freely in Costa Rica and offer assistance to gay people or lobby for political and legal reforms.

The Ombudsman (La Defensoria de los Habitantes) can provide assistance on matters involving sexual discrimination and has resolved complaints of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Central American Human Rights Center - CIPAC (El Centro de Investigación y Promoción para América Central de Derechos Humanos) is a non-governmental organization based in San José, Costa Rica. Its purpose is to eliminate social inequalities linked to sexual orientation and gender identity, through advocacy, research, social audit and the promotion of human rights and health. It serves as a reference for topics related to gay-lesbian populations, both nationally and internationally, and provides workshops, sexual education, resources and books, and organizes festivals. CIPAC is involved in several civil society initiatives in Costa Rica.

CIPAC was the first lesbian and gay organization to become a member of CODEHUCA (the Central American Human Rights Commission). The website contains many links to other relevant organizations and a calendar of events.

  • CIPAC (in Spanish)
    At: 400m south and 175m east of the Banco Nacional de San Pedro, Casa 2000
    Tel: 2280 7821

Agua Buena is a Central America advocacy group run for and by people living with HIV/AIDS. It provides information and material in English and Spanish. It is based in Costa Rica.

CARI Communidad Arco Iris (Rainbow Community) is a group of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and open-minded heterosexuals of any religion who wish to share their spirituality and their experiences in the community. It is an ecumenical community that respects all faiths (website in Spanish).

It has a sister non-profit organization called Grupo Fenix that meets in the same facility, shares its principles and provides service to the LGTB community in Costa Rica.

Mujer y Mujer (in Spanish) is an organization created to provide opportunities for lesbian women to socialize. It has information about local get-togethers, scheduled events, and the lesbian scene in Costa Rica.

Beso Diverso (in Spanish) is an organization that fights discrimination against gays and lesbians by organizing public protest marches.

LGBT Resources

There are several local LGBT websites for information or making connections.

  • Orgullo Gay CR (Gay Pride Costa Rica) is a digital magazine that contains information by and for the gay community. It supports pro-gay activities and associations including groups organizing gay activities. It began in June 2005, partly with the idea of offering to community members an opportunity to obtain products from people who demonstrated their pride in the gay community. The webpage has a directory of gay-friendly businesses in Costa Rica (in Spanish)
  • Gente 10 is a popular gay magazine in Costa Rica (in Spanish)