Animal Organizations in Costa Rica

Contact details for animal organizations in Costa Rica...

  • ADA (Asociación Defensa Animal): Animal defense organization
    Tel: 8701 9853
  • ANPA (Asociación Nacional Protectora de Animales): National animal protection association
    Tel: 2255 2722 / 2255 3757 / 2233 0779
  • AHPPA (Asociación Humanitaria Para La Protección Animal de Costa Rica): Association with the aim of educating the public and providing services to reduce the population of street dogs in Costa Rica. The AHPPA has a refuge in San Rafael de Heredia, which operates a spay and neuter program and takes in unwanted dogs and cats
    Tel: 2267 6374 / 2267 7158
  • Asociación Elena - Dogland: A no-kill dog shelter in San Ramón, Costa Rica, providing a home for abandoned and unwanted dogs