Information about the enrolment procedures at schools in Costa Rica, the documents required and where to go...

Each school has its own requirements in order to enroll a child in school. However, they all require school records, or a Certificado de las Notas in order to determine the child's level. Newcomers to Costa Rica will need to get the records or school certificate authenticated at the Embassy of Costa Rica in the child's country of origin.

In general, schools also request some form of identification and a medical certificate or proof of the child's vaccination history. The first step for parents is to contact the school that they would like their child to attend for full details on enrolment procedures and documents required.

Enrolment procedures vary from one international school to another; however, in most cases parents will need records and results from the previous school, proof of vaccinations and a medical report. Schools also require children to pass an admission test.

There are often waiting lists for international schools and it is highly advisable to register early.