Students and Teenagers in Costa Rica

Information for students and teenagers on youth organizations, school holiday programs, youth employment law, alcohol, drugs and support groups...

Youth Organizations

There are various institutions and programs that provide opportunities for students and teenagers in Costa Rica. These are both publicly and privately funded.

  • The Ministry of Culture and Youth (Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud - MCJ) provides information on the diverse cultural activities available in the country, including art, music and theater
  • The Red Cross Youth (Cruz Roja Juventud) provides opportunities for adolescents to volunteer.
  • Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica has guiding and scouting groups in each region of Costa Rica
  • Si Cultura provides an extensive list of cultural activities and groups throughout Costa Rica
  • Educ@tico is an information portal set up to provide resources for children and adolescents living in Costa Rica and has details about educational centers, observatories and nature reserves

School Holiday Programs

There is a wide range of programs available for teenagers and adolescents to become involved with during the holidays, which provide opportunities for travel, internships and study:

  • The American Field Service (AFS Programas Interculturales - Costa Rica) is a not-for-profit organization which sets up cultural exchanges between Costa Rica and the international community
  • The University of Costa Rica has created a scheme to help students find volunteer opportunities.
  • The Association of Volunteers for Service in Protected Areas (Asociación de Voluntarios para el Servicio en Areas Protegidas - ASVO) provides a variety of opportunities for voluntary conservation work in Costa Rica
  • The Ministry of Education (Ministerio de Educación Pública - MEP) offers programs for the conservation of natural habitats