Students and Visas

Information on studying in Costa Rica and the visa requirements...

Foreign students planning to study in Costa Rica usually need to organize a visa through their local consulate.

When visiting the consulate, the following information and documentation is required:

  • Address in country of residence
  • Address of intended residency in Costa Rica
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of criminal record
  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Letter of acceptance from the university or institution in Costa Rica, with details of the length of study
  • Evidence of financial support

Additional documentation may be requested.

  • For more complete details of the process: Click here (PDF)


Further education in Costa Rica consists of both private and state-run universities and further education institutes. The National Accreditation System for Higher Education (Sistema Nacional de Acreditación de la Educación Superior - SINAES) is responsible for accrediting universities in Costa Rica. The university system is presided over by the National Council of Rectors, CONARE.

Financial aid and scholarship programs are available to some students under certain circumstances.